Want to know a little bit more about me?

Hey! I am Pooja Kenjale-Umrani, founder of By The Lakeside Art Studio, a surface design and art illustration brand.

By The Lakeside came into existence originally as a handmade candle company. I have made more than 600 candles and sold them through pop-up markets and Etsy. I can make them in my sleep and nail the pouring temperatures without a thermometer!

As years passed by, I realized that making only candles was not satisfying my passion to create. I knew I wanted to paint. I started painting with watercolours in 2016 and I couldn’t put the brush down ever since! As I got better at it and opportunities started knocking the door, it was a practical decision to navigate my small business from making candles to watercolours illustrations; more particularly – abstract, loose style florals and art for everyday and seasonal categories. Now there is no looking back and I am grateful to have found my calling.

I love everything floral!

I don’t like to deal with numbers and I have no clue how I managed to code for 4 years of my software engineering program. (Sometimes wrong decisions lead you to things you eventually want from life!) What I learned best was the art of project management from my Master’s program in the US. (It was not a complete waste after all!). I can multitask and be productive once I decide to.

I suck at drawing straight lines. Give me a ruler to draw, I will still mess it up. I have no clue how!

Last summer I got hooked onto cycling and it is my new found fitness option!

When I am not painting I love to take care of my plants (of course after my family.). I am obsessed with leafy potted plants and I literally wipe every leaf of my Monstera Deliciosa and Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma each time I water them. Crazy? I know.

Welcome to
my studio!

Here is where I create my art

Philosophy & Inspiration

I am a firm believer that there is enough space for all of us. What we make out of the opportunities is the most important factor while running a creative business. I strongly believe in consistent practice, constantly learning new tools to update my skills and showing up daily. Once in a while I see myself caught up in a block when I feel my creativity is not coming through. Those are the days when I practice what I know and just take it easy.

While working hard is no exception, I firmly believe that you need to work smarter if you want to grow in your creative business, especially if it is a solo biz.

I find my inspiration in nature and everyday life!

The Process

My painting/doodling process involves ample research, sketching and practice before the final piece is conceived and born.

In terms of technical/behind the scene process – which may be recording videos for Youtube/Skillshare or planning and designing Instagram stories, or even making reels for Instagram – the process requires hardwork and patience. Filming, editing, taking pictures, writing captions is an integral process of my work other than making art. Good news is, I love this process as it challenges my creative instincts and I get an opportunity to learn something new on the way!

Tools of the Trade

I usually work with watercolors, ink, gouache, and alcohol markers to create my original designs and motifs. I then digitize them to make seamless patterns and/or surface designs using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs.

Well, there are tons of other tools and supplies that I use in between the above but these are my bare essentials to produce art!

A sneak peek into my latest work









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I promise – No Weeds, Just Flowers!